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Oxidative destabilization of dissolved organics and E. coli in domestic wastewater through immobilized cell reactor system
G. Sekaran, K. Ramani, A. Ganesh Kumar, B. Ravindran, , A. Gnanamani
Published in
PMID: 17000043
Volume: 84
Issue: 2
Pages: 123 - 133
Domestic wastewater contains a considerable amount of pathogenic organisms besides non-biodegradable organics. The conventional technologies followed for the treatment of domestic wastewater are less efficient in removing pathogenic organisms despite substantial removal of dissolved organics. The focal theme of the present investigation was to use a chemo-autotrophic activated carbon oxidation (CAACO) system, an immobilized cell reactor using chemoautotrophs (Bacillus sp.) for the treatment of domestic wastewater. The oxidation of organics and Escherichia coli in wastewater is controlled by the parameters space time, O2/COD, bed height and cod loading. The scheme comprised of anaerobic treatment, sand filtration and CAACO treatment removed BOD. COD, Total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved protein, total Kjeldhal nitrogen (TKN) and bacterial count (most probable number (MPN)) by 81%, 92%, 84%, 94%, 93% and 99.9997%, respectively. The low concentration of E. coli in the CAACO-treated wastewater was completely eliminated through UV irradiation in 3 min at 254 nm. © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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