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Parallel proactive cross domain context aware recommender system
, P. Bedi
Published in IOS Press
Volume: 34
Issue: 3
Pages: 1521 - 1533
Recommender systems (RS) suffer from cold start and data sparsity problem. Researchers have proposed various solutions to this problem in which cross domain recommendation is an effective approach. Cross domain recommender system (CDRS) utilizes user data from multiple domains to generate prediction for the target user. This paper proposes a proactive cross domain recommender system. This paper also introduces a parallel approach in cross domain recommendation using general purpose graphic processing unit (GPGPU). This will help to accelerate the computation in the multi-agent environment as data processing in multiple domains takes significant amount of time. A prototype of the system is developed in tourism domain using Cuda, JCuda, Java, Android studio and Jade. The system uses four domains which is restaurant, tourist places, shopping places and hotels. The performance of the parallel CDRS system is compared with non-parallel CDRS in terms of their processing speed. Also the system is compared to the normal Collaborative Filtering approach to measure accuracy of the proposed system using MAE as well as precision, recall and F-measure. The results show a significant speedup for the presented system over non-parallel system. © 2018 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.
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JournalJournal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
PublisherIOS Press