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Pattern Synthesis of Conformal Array Antenna for RADAR Performance
A. Glorious Raj, P. Dongaonkar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
This paper presents an implementation of pattern synthesis method for conformal arrays, to suppress the side-lobe level in the array, where the excitation coefficients are computed for a conformal array, from the array pattern. The process involved concentrates on the development of a GUI that is meant to form a generic means to obtain excitation coefficients to be applied to the array. The pattern from the GUI forms a base of comparison to the pattern that is resulting from the simulation. The pattern synthesized for a 40 element array which is a sector of a circular array, based on the coefficients generated, achieves suppressed side-lobe level of 34dB considering the 15dB of suppression, provided by direct implementation of Taylor distribution, with a gain of 22dB. © 2020 IEEE.