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Perfomance analysis of interior and exterior routing protocols

, Jayaprabhath, Rahul Varma, C., Sridhar Kartheek, M.
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
Volume: 14
Issue: 17
Pages: 3082 - 3087

Dynamic routing protocols play an important role in enterprise networks. For example, if there are two universities and they use different protocols. Then, to establish a connection or communication between them we need to use exterior gateway protocols. If we use redistribution technique, the safety is very less and all the routes get redistributed. So in this paper we are implementing border gateway protocol (both IBGP and EBGP) between the interior gateway protocols. There are several different protocols available, with each having its own advantages and limitations. Protocols can be described and compared on the basis of where they operate and how they operate. Routing protocols play an important role in the field of networks today. There are two types of dynamic routing protocols. Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs) and Exterior Gateway Protocols (EGPs). IGPs such as RIP (Routing Information Protocol) and OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) are used for routing within an Autonomous system (AS) whereas EGP is used to exchange the routing information between the autonomous systems. In this paper we have implemented and connected different protocols using BGP (IBGP and EBGP) without using redistribution technique by using GNS3 Software.

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JournalARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
PublisherAsian Research Publishing Network
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