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Performance analysis of multilogic all-optical structure based on nonlinear signal processing in SOA
V. Sasikala,
Published in Springer
Volume: 49
Issue: 2
Pages: 208 - 215
All-optical signal processing in optical technology is the most reliable process that mitigates the limitations of speed and processing power in electronics by replacing the electronic components with the equivalent optical switching components. All-optical switches are very important in communication and computing, as most communication around the globe is carried on optical fibers. Optical switching is effectively performed in high data rate systems through all-optical gates. The nonlinear signal processing in semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) is the key element for implementing various optical gate logics. In this paper, combination of optical gates such as all-optical AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NOR and XNOR operations are successfully simulated in single structure. The performance analysis of each gate and its cascaded feature is analyzed by varying the structural and functional parameters of SOA’s active region. The simulation results confirm that the proposed design can be implemented at high data rate of more than 10Gbps with good quality factor and extinction ratio of around 12 dB. © 2020, The Optical Society of India.
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