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Performance analysis of reconfigurable open soft core processor-OR1200 with global hazard controller
Published in Academic Press
Volume: 101
Issue: 5
Pages: 849 - 858
The most critical part in any multi-media application is focused with processing of real time data. Many commercial soft core processors gain its role in these multimedia applications supporting those needs with improved performance. To fill the gap between the various commercial soft-core processor and open core processor, this paper proposed the inclusion of global hazard controller in reconfigurable OR1200(Open RISC 1200) soft-core processor, to meet the performance for the improved quality of multimedia application such as telemedicine field. The functionality of any reconfigurable unit in the processor mostly incorporated in the execution stage of the pipeline unit. This reconfigurable unit often resulted into frequent occurrence of hazards in the pipeline. Due to these hazards, the execution speed of reconfigurable unit becomes slower than the other fixed functional unit in the processor. To improve the performance of soft core, a separate hazard controller unit is added into the core to handle hazards in the pipeline unit of OR1200. The performance analysis of implementation of global hazard controller unit in OR1200 infers that the overall speedup of the processor is further increased by 2.18 times than existing OR1200. © 2015 Academic Publications, Ltd.
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JournalInternational Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
PublisherAcademic Press