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Performance of micro steel polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete under impact load
, Pratibha, N. Sharma, G. Tiwari
Published in Associated Cement Companies Ltd.
Volume: 91
Issue: 9
Pages: 25 - 29
In this study, the behavior of micro steel (1%) and polypropylene fibers (0. 25% and 0. 50%) in concrete under the impact load were investigated. The mechanical properties such as compressive strength (by dry and normal curing methods) and splitting tensile strength of the concrete designed for 50 MPa were evaluated. The results show that the impact strength and splitting tensile strength were increased with the incorporation of steel and polypropylene fibers. Based on the splitting tensile strength and impact strength an empirical relationship was found to predict the impact energy from splitting tensile strength of the concrete. The empirical relationship exhibited good relationship with the percentage of difference between experimental and predicted value lesser than 6%. The test results also showed that the compressive strength of normal and fiber reinforced concrete attained target compressive strength by normal curing at 28 days. © The Indian Concrete Journal September 2017.
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JournalIndian Concrete Journal
PublisherAssociated Cement Companies Ltd.