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Platinum based mixed-metal clusters (PtnMm(CO)xLy, M = Ru or Os; n + m = 2 to 10 and Ly = other ligands)-Synthesis, structure, reactivity and applications
, H.S. Clayton, B.C.E. Makhubela, J.R. Moss
Published in
Volume: 252
Issue: 12-14
Pages: 1460 - 1485
This review provides an overview of the synthetic pathways, structure, reactivity and applications of platinum based ruthenium and osmium carbonyl clusters of the types PtnRum(CO)xLy and PtnOsm(CO)xLy (where m + n = 2 to 10 and Ly = other ligands). Some important binuclear complexes are also included. The structural aspects of the clusters are briefly discussed. The application of these clusters in organic transformations and catalysis is reviewed and the future prospects are also highlighted. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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