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PMD induced broadening on propagation of Chirped Super Gaussian pulse in single mode optical fiber
S. Vinayagapriya,
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Volume: 1
Pages: 313 - 317
This paper presents a detailed investigation of impairments due to PMD in randomly varying birefringent optical fiber. All shapes of signal at the end of optical fiber are obtained by solving Schrodinger equation using Split Step Fourier method. As fiber dispersion and nonlinearity lead to pulse degradation it is necessary to analyze the behavior of various optical pulses which may lead to lesser degradation. It is found that the Polarization Mode Dispersion in fibers is strong enough to cause the pulse broadening and distortion. Simulation results show that SuperGaussian Pulse is broader and more deformed than Gaussian pulse. Also Pulse broadening strongly depends upon frequency chirp. It can be seen that there is large pulse deformity for negative chirped pulse than for positive chirped pulse. © 2013 IEEE.