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Pollution monitoring system using IOT
G. Rout, S. Karuturi,
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
Volume: 13
Issue: 6
Pages: 2116 - 2123
Humanity, moving to an era focused upon development has forgotten the importance of sustainability and has been the major culprit behind the rising pollution levels in the earth's atmosphere among all other living organisms. The pollution levels at some places have reached to such high extents that they have started harming our own health. Hence, it is a significant indication to keep track of pollution levels in our surroundings in order to ensure that we do not get affected by the ill effects of pollution and at the same time improvise our actions in order to maintain pollution free environmental conditions. So, this paper covers the design and development of a device prototype that monitors air and noise pollution in real time and sends alerts to desired authorities whenever the pollution levels cross the threshold via push notification service on mobile phones using a cloud service provider, hence setting an example for an efficient IOT (Internet of Things) device. © 2006-2018 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).
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JournalARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
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