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Post Construction Cracks Repair by Spray Culture of Spore Bearing Non-Pathogenic Actinomycetes screened from VIT Vellore

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Abstract The term concrete is the vital building material in construction civil engineering arena. When the external pressure and forces become predominant over the load design, compressive forces pave way for deterioration and produce cracks in the structural member. Commonly used technique for repair works is by chipping and applying mortar, epoxy grouting or demolish the structure and reconstruct it, which is not feasible for every individual. To overcome these problems of post construction cracks, we have come up with a way that aims to heal the micro cracks through microbial activity. Generally, many non-pathogenic spore forming Actinomycetes species contribute to the precipitation of mineral carbonates. Hence, their selection is very significant due to its compatibility with extreme surrounding and environmental conditions in concrete. We would be culturing some species of these Actinobacteria i.e. potential actinomycete The Streptomyces are soil bacteria that occupy about 5% of approximately 16,000 bacterial species which are reported earlier. About 80% of natural products that are biologically vital with medical uses are produced which made this genus a specific place in the microbial world (Chater, 2006; Wohlleben., et al. 2016) after sequence analysis based on sequencing of nucleotide sequence of 16SrRNA gene and it was successfully submitted to (Gene bank) with accession No: KM875468 which would heal the cracks that appear on old structures and monuments. Today, restoration of monuments and remediation of cracks in structures is one of the challenges in concrete which is mostly neglected and hence is our concern in this research study.

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JournalActa Scientific Biotechnology
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