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Pre-cracked RC continuous beams strengthened in shear using CFRP strips oriented at 45°/135°
N. Ali, A.A.A. Samad, , N. Mohamad, S. Shahidan
Published in Construction Research Institute of Malaysia
Volume: 20
Issue: 3
Pages: 15 - 28
This study presents an experimental work on six full-scale reinforced concrete continuous beams with a size of 150x350x5800mm strengthened in shear using CFRP strips. Modes of failure and crack patterns of the beams were explained in detail. The strengthening scheme only focused on CFRP strips oriented at 45°/135°. The variables involved wrapping schemes which are four sides and three sides and shear span to effective depth ratio, av/d which are 2.5 and 3.5. The type of FRP used was bi-directional CFRP strips. Two beams were un-strengthened and treated as the control specimens whilst the other four beams were wrapped with CFRP strips with 45°/135° orientation. From the experimental results, all beams experienced shear failure. Beams wrapped with CFRP strips recorded shear capacity enhancement of around 19.05% to 43.74% compared to the control specimens. Beams wrapped on four sides showed the highest shear capacity enhancement which was 43.74% compared to the control specimen while beams wrapped on three sides showed the lowest shear enhancement which was 19.05%. The mode of failure of beams wrapped on four sides was shear with rupture of the CFRP strips. For beams wrapped on three sides, shear failure with CFRP rupture and debonding of CFRP strips from the concrete surface were observed. © 2017, Construction Research Institute of Malaysia. All rights reserved.
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