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Predictive Analysis for Digital Marketing Using Big Data
Balamurugan balusamy, Priya jha, Tamizh arasi, Malathi velu
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 259 - 283
Big data analytics in recent years had developed lightning fast applications that deal with predictive analysis of huge volumes of data in domains of finance, health, weather, travel, marketing and more. Business analysts take their decisions using the statistical analysis of the available data pulled in from social media, user surveys, blogs and internet resources. Customer sentiment has to be taken into account for designing, launching and pricing a product to be inducted into the market and the emotions of the consumers changes and is influenced by several tangible and intangible factors. The possibility of using Big data analytics to present data in a quickly viewable format giving different perspectives of the same data is appreciated in the field of finance and health, where the advent of decision support system is possible in all aspects of their working. Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence are making big data analytical algorithms to think more on their own, leading to come out with Big data agents with their own functionalities.
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JournalAdvances in Business Information Systems and Analytics Handbook of Research on Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Applications for Business Intelligence
PublisherIGI Global
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