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Preparation and Photocatalytic Study of Nano Cadmium Sulphide
Haque S.E, Ramdas B,
Published in Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.
Volume: 584
Pages: 406 - 410
Nano CdS has been prepared by solid state method at room temperature in the absence of any surfactants or dopants. It is characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and diffuse reflectance spectroscopic techniques. It shows cubic structure with the particle size ranging about 20nm. It also exhibits a strong photocatalytic activity for the decomposition of methyl orange (MO) and rhodamine B (RB) under UV and sunlight irradiation. The result shows that CdS exerts greater photocatalytic activity for MO (83%) and RB (73%) under sunlight than UV light.
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JournalAdvanced Materials Research
PublisherTrans Tech Publications, Ltd.
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