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Preservation of privacy in data mining by using PCA based perturbation technique
Gokulnath C, Priyan M.K, Balan E.V, , Jeyanthi R.
Published in IEEE
Pages: 202 - 206
Due to raising concerns about the privacy preserving of personal information, organizations which are using the customers' records in data mining activities are rammed to take actions for protecting the individual's privacy. Preserving of sensitive and personal information is vital for the success of data mining techniques. Privacy Preserving Data Mining (PPDM) handles such consequences by reconciliation of both preserving privacy and data utilization. Conventionally, Geometrical Data Transformation Methods (GDTMs) have been extensively used for privacy conserving cluster. The major drawback in these GDTMs are geometric conversion function are not reversible, that results in a low level assurance of security. In this paper, the technique that preserves the privacy of delicate information in a multiparty cluster situation called the guideline segment investigation based technique is proposed. The function of this proficiency is assessed advance by employing a classic K-means cluster algorithms and machine learning-based cluster methodology on artificial and realistic world information sets. The effectiveness of grouping is computed prior and then afterward the change of security preserving. Our suggested transformation established on PCA when competed to the traditional GDTMs resulted in superior protection of privacy and improve performance. © 2015 IEEE.