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Pulse diagnosis System for Nadi Pariksha using parametric and statistical analysis
, Amit Kadarmandalgi
Published in IEEE
Nadi Pariksha is a non-invasive pulse diagnosis method for assessing health of person in Ayurveda. The disease caused can be related to imbalance in any of three doshas i.e. vatha, pittha and kapha. The health status of the person is examined by Ayurvedic physician by feeling palpation from three fingers (index, middle and ring) placed on the radial artery for vatha, pittha and kapha respectively. In present research work the design and development of the pulse diagnosis system was carried out, in which Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor was interfaced with Arduino was used to acquire wrist pulse signals from subjects in the form of data sets. Matlab software was used in signal processing after performing frequency domain analysis using power spectrum to design a filter and feature extraction was performed on these signals. Algorithms for three parameters were designed related to pulse sensors namely pulse wave velocity, augmentation index and reflectivity index. Data sets were created with the help of hundred volunteers. After performing statistical analysis on these data sets a standard signal was established. Finally this experimental setup was used to diagnose patients with symptoms associated with imbalance in Tridosha to look for deviations from the standard vatha pittha kapha signal and these results were compared with theoretical results as per Ayurveda. Based on this research we came up with a conclusion with respect to the system designed. © 2019 IEEE.
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