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Quantum-Computing-Inspired Algorithms in Machine Learning
Deeksha kaul, harika raju,
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 1 - 26
In this chapter, the authors discuss the use of quantum computing concepts to optimize the decision-making capability of classical machine learning algorithms. Machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence, implements various techniques to train a computer to learn and adapt to various real-time tasks. With the volume of data exponentially increasing, solving the same problems using classical algorithms becomes more tedious and time consuming. Quantum computing has varied applications in many areas of computer science. One such area which has been transformed a lot through the introduction of quantum computing is machine learning. Quantum computing, with its ability to perform tasks in logarithmic time, aids in overcoming the limitations of classical machine learning algorithms.
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JournalQuantum-Inspired Intelligent Systems for Multimedia Data Analysis Advances in Computer and Electrical Engineering
PublisherIGI Global
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