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Random alpha hybrid encryption and decryption algorithm
V.V.N. Akhilesh, M.D.P. Reddy, C. Srivatsa,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Data breach is a major concern in the current world-wide heterogeneous networks. Data can be forged, stolen or damaged during or after transmission. Hence, data security irrespective of its type is a pressing problem for network designers. Encryption is one of the methodologies by which data could be secured from leakage. Security analysts have proposed multiple encryption algorithms with variation in the number of keys, number of rounds, confusion and diffusion. This paper attempts to produce different cipher text every time it executes. In this proposed key generation algorithm, keys are randomly generated. Random key generation and unique output after each execution strengthen the algorithm and hence the hacker cannot predict the original message. This randomness also protects the message from known plaint-text, chosen cipher text, Replay, Brute -Force and man-in-the middle attacks. © 2020 IEEE.