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RAP Framework for Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio
Krishnan K.V, Khara S, ,
Published in Maxwell Scientific Publication Corp.
Volume: 7
Issue: 10
Pages: 1925 - 1931

The Spectrum Management schemes currently in use overlook the need for interference measurements at the receiver end. The negligence culminates in an underwhelming performance of the Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) due to the presence of hidden/exposed primary senders. Our aim was to implement the RAP framework for spectrum management in a cognitive Radio. The scheme chosen deems it a necessity to take into consideration the inaccuracy of spectrum sensing in order to achieve the desired optimal performance. Unlike the widely used schemes which solely depend on local interference measurements, the proposed probabilistic framework aims at enhancing the CRN good put by incorporating interference measurements performed at the receiver into theprotocol. Moreover, the spectrum management scheme, discussed in the study, makes most of the least exploitable spectral opportunities by relying on low power rate communication robust to interference. The issued spectrum access policy ensures fair distribution of spectral opportunity to its multiple secondary users. It, in contrast to the existing greedy spectrum access policies, prevents any user from monopolizing the available spectral opportunity as it is regulated and operated in a strictly probabilistic framework. It also diligently makes useful, provisions in the policy to ensure that every spectral opportunity, even while being exploited, appear available at all times to see to it that no Secondary User (SU) misidentifies the spectral opportunity as unavailable. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2014.

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JournalResearch Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
PublisherMaxwell Scientific Publication Corp.
Open AccessYes