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Rapid medical guideline systems for COVID-19 using database-centric modeling and validation of cyber-physical systems

Published in Academic Press
Pages: 161 - 170

Database-centric representation is a vital subfield of cyber-physical systems in healthcare. Medical guideline systems have the ultimate objective of improving the safety of the patient. COVID-19 was recognized as a pandemic in March, 2020 by the World Health Organization. A recent study shows the importance of the rapid medical guidelines system in the medical field. Safe and effective patient care is a significant challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. The excellent knowledge and experiences patients care about are required in the nation’s developed places and as essential effective proper treatments for critical patients in the rural areas when it comes to an emergency. Medical guideline systems can help to improve patient care. The research community of system software development in healthcare is more focused on cyber-physical systems. Restricting the development environment and reducing the flexibility of design by enforcing a specific software platform with less database provides fewer quality systems in healthcare. To improve patient care by assisting the medical professional’s detailed design with the validation of the systems at the design level are required. This research focuses on database-centric software development steps with the validation technique of the cyber-physical system for COVID-19. In particular, the study focuses on the medical guidelines system development process with validation and verification at the design level. The development of rapid medical guideline systems for COVID-19 has been discussed with database-centric modeling with the knowledge that expects validation and artificial intelligence verification. Thus the medical professional’s study-based design of the cyber-physical system for COVID-19 can reduce development time, cost of deployment, testing, and maintenance during the repaid development process in the global pandemic period.

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JournalCyber-Physical Systems
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