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Rapid microwave synthesis of indium filled skutterudites: An energy efficient route to high performance thermoelectric materials
, S. Muir, M.A. Subramanian
Published in
Volume: 46
Issue: 12
Pages: 2288 - 2290
Filled skutterudites are promising thermoelectric materials due to reduced thermal conductivity upon inserting a guest atom or 'rattler' into the CoSb 3 structure. By using an indium rattler dimensionless Figure of Merit (ZT) values >1 at 650 K have been reported. The conventional synthesis of these compounds typically takes several days (∼3 days) to obtain the final well-sintered material for property measurements. We report here a microwave-assisted synthesis method that reduces the initial calcination time from 2 days to 2 min. This route significantly reduces the time needed to produce materials suitable for property and device testing. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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