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RBJ25 cryptography algorithm for securing big data
S. Rajaprakash, C. Bagath Basha, S. Muthuselvan, , R.P. Singh
Published in IOP Publishing Ltd
Volume: 1706
Issue: 1
Cryptography is essential tool to protect data, information in computing system. In worldwide, billions of people using this cryptography methods in daily basis because It used the protect data. By and large the size of information imparted in web applications is developing and is in Peta-bytes and Exa-bytes. The customary security frameworks can't give successful insurance and confirmation to these sorts of informational collections. To over this issue in this work we have proposed a new cryptography algorithm RBJ25 with the matrix order N. This proposed algorithm contains three parts. In the first part based on the column operation of the matrix. In the second part secrete key generation and in the last part has five sub part to protect the information which will be discuss in detail in implementation part. Similarly in the decryption has three reverse parts. Finally, this algorithm is implemented and compared with traditional algorithms like AES and ChaCha20. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
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