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Recent trends and behavior of youth in the field of online shopping
R. Sudhakar, S. Aditya, K.K. Sethi,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 97
Issue: 4
Pages: 299 - 312
The increase in usage of internet among the youth has increased the dependency of them on using internet for various purposes. This has led to a large group of people who prefer to use internet for their shopping activity. Thus, it is important for the retailers to know what the current trends in market are and what steps should be taken by them to meet the demand of the consumers. Here, we have conducted an online survey on 100 people and tried to analyse the various trends and factors affecting online shopping behaviour of youth. The results prove that Discounts and various offers and Good delivery of service attracts the consumers towards online shopping. Furthermore, it has also been found that Clothes and shoes are items that people purchase most online. Several other results and conclusions have also been made based on the data collected by the survey. Correlation and regression analysis has also been done on the data from the survey leading to us finding new results. The results and data hence collected will surely help the companies and organizations in preparing their marketing strategies and improving their existing services in order to gain more profit and sales. © Serials Publications.
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