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Redefined vector based glowworm swarm optimization (R-vbgso) to improve the nodes’ energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks (wsn)
V. Reddy,
Published in Alpha Publishers
Volume: 10
Issue: 11
Pages: 11047 - 11061
In the Wireless Sensor Networks the nodes’ energy efficiency is a primary concern that has to be addressed for enhancing network lifetime. If nodes are mobile in nature, its energy consumption goes high and node lifetime gets more vulnerable with the localization adding up on the energy constraint of the battery. This is the main reason behind location estimation algorithms in WSN gaining popularity. Precision in node’s location identification assists in minimizing energy consumed by nodes which would improve network lifetime and balances load across nodes. In this paper the authors intend to propose an estimation algorithm Redefined Vector Based Glowworm Swarm Optimization (R-VBGSO) that would identify the location of nodes with minimum error rate. In this algorithm, anchor node’s location with respect to unknown nodes is identified with help of passing few signals in the form of messages that are exchanged to locate the nodes position in the network. With the simulation results it is evident that proposed algorithm enhances network lifetime significantly with reduced location estimation error. Furthermore, area of coverage through the sensor nodes is enhanced as the static nodes of such a region would approach the region in the network where the network activity is reduced. Simulation results also demonstrate that R-VBGSO based sensor placement approach will enhance the coverage with less mobility given to the sensors. © Alpha Publishers. All rights reserved.
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