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Review on integration of IP multimedia subsystem withfemtocells network
Published in Research India Publications
Volume: 10
Issue: 8
Pages: 19305 - 19312
The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is the basis for a significant new architecture for mobile applications incorporating voice, video and data services. The IMS is an overlay network on top of IP that uses SIP as the primary signalling mechanism[1]. Femtocells are low-power wireless access points that operate in licensed spectrum to connect standard mobile devices to a mobile operator’s network using residential DSL or cable broadband connections". Put simply, a femtocell is a small base station that can be deployed in homes, buildings or other locations that offer limited access to the mobile network. In current scenario Mobile services have gained a reputation for inadequate building penetration, resulting in inferior call quality. This quality issue becomes even more paramount as mobile subscribers begin using advanced services available in 3rd Generation (3G) networks, as nearly 70% of all 3G traffic originates from indoor locations. However, research shows that only two per cent of buildings are currently equipped with purpose-built indoor coverage solutions. With the growing demand for these new services, most industry observers see significant potential for the use of new technology in the form of "femtocell” solutions. Femtocells operate in the same wireless spectrum as the macrocell network, enabling high quality voice and multimedia services to be delivered to mobile devices in indoor settings[14]. A femtocell access point creates a small wireless coverage area, and it is attached to a subscriber's broadband Internet service for connection to the mobile operator. In this paper, Configuring the IMS framework in new approach of network architecture such as femtocell and designing the femtocell network to support IMS services is quite demanding. In this paper we concern on the investigation architecture of integration network and what are all the challenges, what are the problems and solution if that, when it works on environment. The deployment of IMS functionality in femtocellenvironment is investigated and overviewed to achieve high-quality voice, data, and video sessions to flow efficiently, securely and reliably using the consumer’s existing broadband connection. © Research India Publications.
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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research
PublisherResearch India Publications