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Revisiting V-3 Canon for the Application of Single Stage Gas Gun
, Koka T.R, Payangapadan M.K.
Published in American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Volume: 2
Single stage gas guns are typically used for accelerating the projectiles in bird and hail impact tests of aerospace components and engines. In this paper an alternative design for single stage gas gun is studied, which is derived from V3 canon. Three dimensional numerical simulations is carried out for the optimal secondary connection angle with the main barrel. A one dimensional code is developed for the V3 canon based design. Design of experiments conducted to find the response surface for the optimal location of the secondary connection, volume and pressure of the secondary tank.
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JournalVolume 2: Structures and Dynamics; Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind); Inlets and Exhausts; Emerging Technologies (Hybrid Electric Propulsion, UAV, ...); GT Operation and Maintenance; Materials and Manufacturing (Including Coatings, Composites, CMCs, Additive Manufacturing); Analytics and Digital Solutions for Gas Turbines/Rotating Machinery
PublisherAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
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