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RMCHS: Ridge method based cluster head selection for energy efficient clustering hierarchy protocol in WSN
Prasath K.A,
Published in IEEE
Pages: 64 - 70
In wireless sensor network (WSN), energy efficiency is a one of the important consequence in smart space and extreme environments and it has a vast variety of applications. The cluster head based communication protocols play an important role for energy saving in hierarchical WSN. In most of the clustering algorithms, a cluster head (CH) will transmit a data to the sink node. This type of technique has become a traditional way to optimize energy in WSN. This paper proposes a new Synchronous transit algorithm named Ridge Method Cluster head Selection (RMCHS), which selects efficient cluster heads (CHs) to the sensor network. To consider uniformity of CHs to balance clusters, RMCHS uses a new Synchronous transit algorithm. Comparisons with well know LEACH protocols, it show's obvious better performance of RMCHS in term of residual energy, throughput, alive nodes and dead nodes. © 2015 IEEE.