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Role of educational psychology in higher education institutions and industry academia collaboration: A new perspective to enhance learning and skills in India
Published in Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Volume: 7
Issue: 17
Pages: 1485 - 1495
The paper assesses conceptually the key role of educational psychology in higher education institutions and industry academia collaboration in India for improving learning and skill upgrade. Applying psychology in school by a professional from educational psychologist a new perspective in India. The success of education system depends significantly on the quality of teachers. The accomplishment of higher education framework relies fundamentally upon the quality of educators. The rising interest for advanced education by virtue of changing demographic profile of the nation and furthermore from the demand from industry for good quality graduate/alumni squeezes teachers to create the ideal outcomes. There are different types of student's problems e.g. lack of social skills and being bullied in higher educational institutions; acting as bully and disturb in the classroom; restlessness and inattention; having self-hurt and suicidal tendency; having low self-confidence; slow learner; having conflict with parents, teachers, management personnel; frustrated about life issues; having adjustment problems in university and college.Nowadays students, teachers and parents have very positive view regarding the psychological services in higher educational institutions. Gradually, Educational Psychologists have already explored the possible roles and scopes in educational institutions in India. So, the stakeholders of higher educational institutions will now hopefully recognise the necessity of Educational Psychologists to contribute in the enhancement of student learning and skills as well as to improve mental health of the learners.The key roles and responsibilities of the educational psychology are to counsel students with emotional, behavioural, learning and disciplinary problems; work with group of students to create awareness about different issues needed for their growing up; consult and counsel teachers and parents; conduct training for educators and parents on learners behavioural and their learning issues; work with administrators to improve the whole institution environment; maintain detail documentation and report writing etc.So as to study the possible role of Educational Psychology in Higher Education Institutions and Industry Academia Collaboration, primary and secondary information was gathered from private and public universities in India. The qualitative data was analysed in this study through descriptive methods. © 2020 Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.
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