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Role of Social Networking Sites in Enhancing Teaching Environment
Vijayakumar S, Amudha J, Thakare V.R, Bharath Bhushan S,
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 227 - 243
In recent days, most of the academic institutions across the world understand the usefulness of social networks for teaching and learning. In general, information is being transferred across the world for multiple purposes in different aspects through social media networks. In academic environment to enhance the teaching and learning processes social media networks are used to greater extent. Researchers and academicians are making use of social media tools, specifically Facebook, Blogs, Google groups, SkyDrive and Twitter for teaching and research. Further, the academic performance of students has been tested statistically by teachers using Social Networking Sites (SNS). The study has been carried out to understand the role of SNS in teaching environment which reveals that students are accessing various social media tools for information sharing and personal interaction. Finally, it has been observed from the analysis that there is increasing demand for the role of SNS in future education perspective. In this chapter the role of SNS in teaching environment is carried out elaborated and presented.
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