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Scientific and technical writing training programs in India: Integration and implications for engineering and management studies
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 64 - 72
In recent years, Scientific and Technical Writing (STW), specifically the technical writing has emerged as an important thrust area of ESP. Unlike the other areas in ESP, STW requires teaching of English language with domain-specific terminology and scientific orientation. This calls for integration of STW in English language teaching which fulfills one of the basic goals of English education in India. The aim of the paper is to discuss appropriate STW curriculum, propose strategies to integrate the domain-specific terminology and to examine the issues related to integration with English language teaching. A review was carried out on STW training programs in India and the results indicate that most of these training programs are at diploma or certificate level and the curriculum, teaching and learning process and evaluation of the training programs seems to be much focused on writing skills. It is suggested that there is a need to stress more on oral skills and focus should be on imparting the domain-specific terminology in STW academic programs. © 2012 IUP. All Rights Reserved.
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