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Semi-Idempotents in Neutrosophic Rings
Published in MDPI AG
Volume: 7
Issue: 6
In complex rings or complex fields, the notion of imaginary element i with i 2 = − 1 or the complex number i is included, while, in the neutrosophic rings, the indeterminate element I where I 2 = I is included. The neutrosophic ring ⟨ R ∪ I ⟩ is also a ring generated by R and I under the operations of R. In this paper we obtain a characterization theorem for a semi-idempotent to be in ⟨ Z p ∪ I ⟩ , the neutrosophic ring of modulo integers, where p a prime. Here, we discuss only about neutrosophic semi-idempotents in these neutrosophic rings. Several interesting properties about them are also derived and some open problems are suggested.
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PublisherMDPI AG
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