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Sensitization of Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies to Benefit Indian SMEs
Vimal Kek, jayakrishna kandaswamy
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 92 - 98
In recent times, globalization policy eliminates the restriction of market boundaries, enabling all manufacturers to exploit the markets of developing countries, due to which, the environmental regulations in the developing countries are evolving to secure their nature with stringent regulation. In this view, this article is written to impart knowledge on sustainable manufacturing to all manufacturers. However, for successful implementation of sustainable manufacturing practices, formulation of strategies is found to be essential. In this view, critical insights have been presented by reviewing existing practices of sustainable manufacturing, how to deploy them and their correlation with the environmental benefits are mapped to support practicing managers. The practices discussed in the chapter include process optimization in view of the environment energy modeling, waste minimization options, better end-of-life policies, material efficiency and need to employee training.
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JournalAdvances in Environmental Engineering and Green Technologies Green Production Strategies for Sustainability
PublisherIGI Global
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