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Server Security in Cloud Computing Using Block-Chaining Technique
, Sambangi S, Somukoa R, Nalluri S,
Published in Springer Singapore
Volume: 1079
Pages: 913 - 920
Data security is a key concern in cloud computing. With the increase in attempts to hack a virtual cloud server in order to access the data stored there privately, more and more measures are being taken to ensure a reliable and secure cloud. Enhancements are made on traditional cryptography algorithms so that they are more suited to the distributed, virtual and multi-tenant environment of the cloud. Block-chaining is the newest technique in the fields of computing. It is basically a growing list of records, called as “blocks”, which are linked and secured using cryptography. In this project, we are aiming to implement an encryption algorithm which works on the principles of block-chains, to ensure the security and integrity of a cloud-based system. The infallible nature of block-chains is what makes it perfect for cloud server security. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd 2020.
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JournalData powered by TypesetAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Data Engineering and Communication Technology
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