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Simulation Tool for Tuning and Performance Analysis of Robust, Tracking, Disturbance Rejection and Aggressiveness Controller
, Subramaniam Umashankar,
Published in MDPI AG
Volume: 12
Issue: 7
The RTD-A (robust, tracking, disturbance rejection and aggressiveness) controller is a novel control scheme that substitutes the classical proportional integral derivative (PID) controller. This novel controller’s performance depends on the four controller tuning parameters (θR, θT, θD and θA). The tuning of RTD-A controller is more transparent than classic PID controllers. The RTD-A tuning parameters values lies between ZERO and ONE. Availability of a tool to design optimal parameters for this controller and evaluating the performance on a given system is necessary for the researchers. In this paper, the new simulation tool is presented to deal with the RTD-A control scheme. There are four graphical user interface tools included in the proposed tool and working of each tool is explained in detail. To demonstrate the proposed tool, two examples, which involve a liquid level control application and an air pressure control application, are presented in this work. The performance of the RTD-A controller is compared with PID controller. RTD-A controllers are tuned using optimization algorithms and their performances are observed and analyzed in both cases under deterministic and uncertain conditions.
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