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Simulative study on erbium doped fiber amplifier with respect to temperature dependence
B. Vasudevan, , B. Mani
Published in IEEE Computer Society
In this paper, we experimented the effect of temperature dependence of EDFA with various temperatures as -30, 30, 60 and 90°C in the transmission window from 1450nm to 1650nm is experimented. The effect of EDFA performance at lowest and highest temperatures is also noted with different pump powers. The contribution of various EDFA parameters like pump power and temperature on effective performance is noted. Based on the simulated work, It is evident that the 10 meter EDFA lengths shows better performance with respect to temperature variations than 20 meter length EDFA, as more noise gets added with the increase in fiber length, which in turn degrades the system performance. © 2013 IEEE.