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Situating postmodern narratology within the postcolonial gothic milieu in the thing about thugs
, G. Kumar
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 96
Issue: 9
Pages: 2651 - 2656
Postcolonial Indian writers use different postmodern fictional techniques to distort time and space in order to represent postcolonial Indian reality in fiction. Tabish Khair uses innovative postmodern narrative like intertextuality, self reflexivity, unreliable narration, metafictional historiograpy in The Thing About Thugs to deconstruct the colonial image of the thugs. The identity of the thugs as a colonial construct misrepresented the thugs as ruthless killers. The British used the stereotyped image of the thugs as the binary other to establish themselves as civilized. The British projected the cult of thugee as embodying antisocial practice in India in order to justify their repressive colonial experience. The author blurs the distinction between the time past and time present by incorporating various postmodern fiction techniques to recreate a postcolonial gothic situation. This paper tries to problematize on the stereotypical colonial identity of the thugs by analyzing the colonial narrative in the postcolonial context. © Serials Publications.
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