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Smart chair
Sodhi S.S, Kunwar A.S, Dhingra K,
Published in IEEE
Pages: 139 - 148
IoT (Internet of Things) is the network of physical devices which is embedded with the sensors to detect signals, software and actuators to take required action(s), electronics and network connectivity to collect and exchange data with other connected devices. These devices are also called smart devices. They are mostly connected remotely and can even send data to cloud. The concept of IoT can be implemented at homes, business, educational centers, medical fields and national security. This paper has implemented the concept of Internet of Things in schools or university classrooms where the attendance system is automated. With the help of a database, a student teacher interaction portal and physical devices, the paper aims to make an education institute smarter. In addition, our research also verifies the presence of a human being sitting on a chair using personal identification. The verification of the seat occupancy by a given individual can be confirmed from any part of the world at any given instance as the data is stored in cloud at all times. Sitting is the most prevalent conduct of human body in everyday life. People spend a lot of time sitting in a school chair, automobile seat or lounge chair in a day. It has been observed that as a result of some everyday activity or poor sitting postures can cause pains and other common complications for people like Endometriosis, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Degenerative Disc Disease and more. This paper aims to mitigate such issues, and in order to circumvent the adverse effects of improper sitting behavior. The smart chair will also try to promote a healthy lifestyle of the students by measuring the student sitting postures and suggesting to maintain a good healthy posture. The usability of the device can be improved by investing in powerful and more accurate sensors, smaller micro devices and better servers. Consequently, these improvements will help in reducing the overall size of the device; the device will be more robust and accurate with low failure rate and long term stability. © 2017 IEEE.
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JournalData powered by Typeset2017 International Conference on Inventive Computing and Informatics (ICICI)
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