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SMART HOME: Energy Measurement and Analysis
, M. Prabukumar, E. Barathkumar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Electrical energy utilisation of various house hold appliances has grown very much. The developing countries planning to extend the power projects to meet the demand. Individuals has to be monitored for the day energy usage of their houses. India has planned to implement smart homes and smart cities project all over India by 2025. The smart system replaces the traditional energy meter to automated meter which supports the consumers to know the usage of energy for their appliances in houses. There is a need of smart energy meter in houses to measure and analyse the power consumption. Low utilisation of energy by understanding the customer pattern is the primary focus this work. The work carried out in designing smart energy meter and data interpretation is implemented using cloud service provider. The work contributes in measuring the power consumption by using smart energy meter and user can change the usage pattern with the data interpretation. The results obtained in this work shows that user can switch the appliances as per energy consumption ratio obtained. This leads to smart distribution of energy for the limited resources. © 2020 IEEE.