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Smart Manufacturing Plant Implementation Using Industrial IoT
N. Sowmya, , S. Sathiyanarayanan
Published in World Scientific
Industry 4.0 initiatives include the concept of smart manufacturing with the help of sensors and intelligent systems. Smart manufacturing optimizes the internal process and decision making with no/minor intervention from humans. Nevertheless, the adoption of IIoT in industry setting remains a challenge and very minimal work has been in progress. This work is aimed to showcase adoption of IIoT in the Slip Control System/Anti-Lock Braking System. It optimizes the monitoring and decision making of various processes with the help of intelligent systems and IoT in the perspective of Industrial IoT 4.0. It mainly focuses on the various conditions and parameters such as line breakdown notifications, pressure levels, etc. They are monitored through the cloud platform and an alert system is developed in the cloud to warn the user regarding the pressure level. The instant alert of line breakdown notifications reduces the downtime of the plant, improves production and monitoring of the pressure system in the plant and safety check of the plant is in place at any instant. © 2021 World Scientific Publishing Company.
About the journal
JournalJournal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
PublisherWorld Scientific