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Smart terrace gardening with intelligent roof control algorithm for water conservation
V. Pandiyaraju, , L.S. Ramesh,
Published in University of Agriculture
Volume: 54
Issue: 2
Pages: 451 - 455
In conventional agriculture, agricultural lands are located far away from residential areas. Farmers use excess of fertilizers and pesticides in their field, which produces poisonous vegetables. Also most of the people do not have their own agriculture land. Organic vegetables in the market may not be always genuine as they may be produced using chemical components. Terrace gardening is a booming technology which solves all the above said problems of conventional agriculture and produces healthy vegetables in home. A novel intelligent approach is proposed in this paper by using fuzzy rules to cultivate the vegetables in terrace. The proposed method dynamically measures the atmospheric temperature, humidity and soil moisture in the stipulated time intervals and adjusts the terrace temperature automatically. Terrace temperature is controlled with the help of smart roofs, where smart roof plats are automatically tilted with the help of motors. With the controlled terrace temperature, the proposed fuzzy rule based intelligent system irrigates the crops with exact quantity of water which conserves water, electricity, avoids excess irrigation and produces good yield. © 2017, University of Agriculture. All rights reserved.
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JournalPakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
PublisherUniversity of Agriculture