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Solar power based intelligent system for hand wash cum dryer to conflict the outbreak of COVID-19
, H.S. Reda, K. Gebregergs Tesfay, M. Meles
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1398 - 1403
Automatic hand washing effectively washes human hands where most of the bacteria are eliminated. Through using more simple and effective hand washing technologies, it can enhance people's lives. It would also improve the grooming of the hands of individuals. Recently, the outbreak and the related spread of COVID-19 and a few well known like Ebola virus diseases across the global countries including African country like Ethiopia stimulating waves was terrifying. The countries worst affected are China, the USA, Italy, and Spain. The former incidents of 1953 and those of 2015 and 2019 were unexpectedly repeated But the medical community has so far been unable to eradicate these lethal diseases. Viral particles are released on the surface from the breathing system of affected human tissue [1]. The infection is then contaminated by the second individual and sneaks into the body through the mucous membranes. In such cases, it is most likely that some individuals are infected by these conditions, which makes it a common prevention procedure to wash their hands.The new reach must be accomplished using a Microcontroller with a solar-powered intelligent machine, as all in one can be used for handwashing cum and drying equipment will be managed and these dangerous conditions actually do not have a known antidote but can be avoided by effective preventive steps. The hand cleaners are executed to make washing of the hands and the dryers operate together with the heater, the ventilator, and other parts. The design stage is tested until the device has been assembled for its results. © 2020 IEEE.