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Solar Powered Multi-Controlled Smart Wheelchair for Disabled: Development and Features
, Saini A, Choudhary S, Yuvaraja T, Rahul S.G.
Published in American Scientific Publishers
Volume: 16
Issue: 11
Pages: 4889 - 4900
As per the report presented by the World Health Organization, it is well aware that 15% of the total world’s population is physically challenged. Accessibility of health care services is limited to people with physical disabilities. The utilization of battery powered wheelchairs with excellent navigational capabilities is one of the extraordinary strides towards the incorporation of severely physically and mentally challenged people. Motion, movement and localization are significant issues for the blind, paraplegic and handicapped people who are accompanied by eminent tiresome work. There exist different systems to override the problems described, allowing the end-user to perform safe movements and complete certain daily life tasks. Considering the said issues as a motivation, this work presents the design and development of Solar Powered Multi-Controller Smart Wheelchair. The developed smart wheelchair uses eye blink sensor to steer the wheelchair for quadriplegia patient along with Joystick and Keypad module for several kinds of disabilities. In addition, more liberty is provided to the disabled person by using additional sensors such as heartbeat sensor and a temperature sensor which continuously monitors the health condition of the patient. Additionally, a urine level indicator is also used to avoid inconvenience to the patient. If the patient falls down along with a wheelchair, a fall detection system in the wheelchair detects the same. All the detail can be shared with hospital staff and the patient’s guardian during a contingency condition, so that the staffs and guardians can take immediate actions. The safety of the patient and the wheelchair with respect to the incorporation of solar power is highly given priority during this system design.
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JournalData powered by TypesetJournal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience
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