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Source Node Position Confidentiality (SNPC) Conserving Position Monitoring System for Wireless Networks
Medhane D.V,
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 338
Pages: 347 - 355
Position Monitoring System (PMS) is one of the applications of wireless networking that aims for monitoring and tracking objects’ current position in the wireless area. For example, in order to keep an eye on the movement of an enemy in military applications the position monitoring system in wireless network can be set up. Battlefield surveillance is the classic example of this category in which the soldier needs protection from attackers. Consequently the issue is: how to conceal the position of the wireless node from the attacker? In this paper, we present a novel scheme for preserving confidentiality of the source node position in wireless network. The main objective behind presenting this scheme is to maximize the accuracy of the aggregate position information, to minimize the communication and computational cost and to offer source node position confidentiality by achieving numerous aspects of security, anonymity, traceability, revocation, data unlinkability and with the help of fake data resources. At the end, the experimental work and simulation results depicts the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. © 2015, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.