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Spatial visualization approach for detecting criminal hotspots: An analysis of total cognizable crimes in the state of Haryana
Khushboo Sukhija, Shailendra Singh Narayan,
Published in
Volume: 2018-January
Pages: 1060 - 1066
In India, there is a strong need of Crime Surveillance system. In the current era, there are many traditional Hotspot analysis techniquesare used but still improvements are needed for getting efficient output as crime hotspot (area with high intensity of crimes). The strongest pillar of a perfect surveillance system is data related to different cognizable crimes. After collecting the data, the next step is transformation of data into meaningful information. This paper aims to throw light on the areas having high intensity of crimes that is spoiling an environment of particular places. Criminal hotspots are detected using statistical analysis tool (SaTScan) and visualize the result with the help of GIS (Google Earth) for pointing the location of district-wise crime hotspots. Hence, the presented work provides an extremely efficient output of criminal hotspots in the state of Haryana which helps to explore the areas for raising the people's awareness regarding the dangerous locations and help police force for using their resources efficiently for the avoidance of criminal activities.
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