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Specular endothelium image analysis with DEM algorithm
K.V. Chandra,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 351 - 356
specular microscope is used to get the sequence of images of different layers in Cornea and different structures so that the medical clinicians can extract the information that helps them to conclude the state of the patient's eye, the cornea, and about the abnormalities. A Hybrid model is used to preprocess the images of the Corneal Endothelium, detect the cells, and study the abnormalities by going through the data sets. so, three sets of normal corneal data sets are acquired by a specular microscope and 3 sets of abnormal specular Endothelium images associated with the disease to investigate will be investigated in the system. Processed in the proposed algorithm DEM (Dilation and Erosion morphology) where can be acquired the promising results are presented and the performance of the system is compared with a manual and two morphological approaches. DEM provides the clinical parameters of individual image and various statistical parameters are extracted and tabulated, different parameters are acquired and compared. The average difference between the manual and automatic cell densities are calculated using the DEM algorithm and the two morphological based approach is 5%, 7%. And then it is deployed as a clinical tool to give the information to ophthalmologists about the cornea of the eye. The condition of the cornea is easily estimated and the processing time of the image is less than 1500 milliseconds. © 2021 IEEE.