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Stabilizing Rough Sets Based Clustering Algorithms Using Firefly Algorithm over Image Datasets
Abhay jain, Jain A, Srujan chinta, Chinta S, , Tripathy B.K.
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 84
Pages: 325 - 332
Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm is a combination of Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets. This algorithm provides high quality clustering over numeric datasets. However, RIFCM is highly inconsistent over Image datasets. In this paper, we combine RIFCM with Firefly Algorithm. Firefly algorithm is a meta-heuristic bio-inspired algorithm which mimics the behavior of fireflies. Our experimental results prove that using Firefly algorithm before RIFCM lends stability to the clustering output and considerably reduces the number of iterations required for convergence. © Springer International Publishing AG 2018.