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Strategies of psycholinguistics on the acquisition of third language from the second language

, , , Dr. Karunakaran Thirunavukarasu
Published in BiblioMed
Volume: 20
Issue: 5
Pages: 3750 - 3755

Various psycholinguistics strategies applied to the acquisition of second and third language has become a prominent phenomenon in the last few decades. Yet there is paucity in the third language acquisition. The psycholinguistics strategies are used by few experts to teach second or third language. In this realm the cognitive method is used to acquire the language. The psycholinguistics principles bring out how one perceives the language and produces that particular language is important. While acquiring a third language from the medium of second language there is transference of second language rather than the first language to third language. Usually the structure of the second language is transferred to the third language. The learners commit errors when they acquire third language from the medium of second language. Normally the four skills of language acquisition are applied in the strategies of language acquisition. This article explains how psycholinguistic strategies affect the learning while acquiring a third language from the second language and how to rectify the committed errors.

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