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Students’ Preference and Satisfaction towards Restaurants in Chennai City

Published in SERSC
Volume: 29
Issue: 5
Pages: 2994 - 3001

The overwhelming choice of restaurants often leads to confusion among consumers. The choice of consumers are influenced and determined by several factors. Most of the consumers read online reviews about the restaurants and make a choice based on review ratings. The article aims to analyze various factors that influence a customer in choosing a restaurant, the mode of payment, the overall review and satisfaction of the customers. A survey on students’ preference and satisfaction towards restaurants was conducted in Chennai. A questionnaire was circulated among the students personally and through various social media platforms. The collected data is analyzed with the statistical methods and the results are visualized on R studio, a free software environment for statistical computing. Further a comparative study is done on an average expenditure spent on food during a normal weekend and exam weekend. The statistical model discussed in the data provides the percentage of girls and boys participated in the survey, students’ preference of restaurants outside as well as inside the campus, the occasions in which they dine out and mode of payment (like cash, card, paytm etc.,). The article explores students’ expectation before placing an order in a restaurant, the average rating of the restaurants in general, quality and satisfaction of the customers.

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JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
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