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Studies on iodination reactions of phosphiniminocyclotrithiazenes
Madhugiri N. Sudheendra Rao, Sivaramakrishna A, , Sudheendra Rao M.N.,
Published in
Volume: 43
Issue: 10
Pages: 1349 - 1354
Iodination reactions of various phosphiniminocyclotrithiazenes [R 3PNS3N3; R = (i) phenyl-, (ii) morpholino-, and (iii) p-chlorophenyl-] have been studied under different experimental conditions. Iodination of Ph3PNS3N3 yields interesting products such as [(Ph3PN)2S3N 3]I3, ((Ph3PN)3S)2I 4, (Ph3PNH2)I3, ((Ph 3PSI2)2I2, and [(Ph 3PN)3SO]2I6 depending on the experimental conditions. All the products have been isolated and characterized by the spectroscopic and analytical techniques. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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JournalSynthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic and Nano-Metal Chemistry
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