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Studies on sericin coating on polyester to improve various properties
, Das S.
Published in Colour Publications Pvt. Ltd
Volume: 65
Issue: 5
Sericin coating is applied on a polyester woven fabric meant for wound healing purpose. The sericin is extracted from the waste silk through water extraction process. Polyester woven fabric was selected to apply sericin coating due to its durability. Hydroxyl groups were incorporated to modify polyester fabric for improving the absorption rate. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) was used as a cross linking agent to attach sericin to alkali modified PET. Sericin coated polyester samples were subjected to various tests such as thickness, weight, vertical wicking, air permeability, water drop, bending length, anti-static and anti-microbial tests. The coating was confirmed by increase in weight of the polyester sample. The wickability has no remarkable effect on the coated sample. The bending length of coated sample was reduced than the uncoated sample. The absorbency of the coated fabric was improved significantly than the uncoated one. The anti-microbial effect of the coated layer was confirmed through the agar well diffusion test. © 2018 Trademill Technologies Private Limited. All rights reserved.
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